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Alcan - Alaska Highway

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Alaska highway was built during World War II after Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor . Whole highway, that is long 2 647 km, was done in 34 weeks. So far it is only one road connection between Alaska and rest of the World. The highway start's in Dawson Creek, where is "Zero mile" and end's in Delta Junction (some source say Fairbanks). In a visitor centre you can get free brochure Help Along the Way.

Some parts of road are unpaved and under construction. Because some parts are making smoother old mileage is not accurate anymore. Country in south-west Yukon remind me old Czech movie "Cesta do pravěku". Along the road you can watch wild animals like moose, bears but also wild horses...

183 historical sites where special construction-related activities occurred is marked and 58 of these sites are identified by historical sing. The most 38 significant sites carry an interpretative panel.

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