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Watson Lake

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If you take to Yukon Territory Alaska highway, first village or a little town that will welcome you will be Watson Lake. It is a little town because so far to north in Canada it is already difficult to find any bigger city. Everybody who came has to notices of Wall of the signs - which consistes from signs that have marks of original place, place from where they are. Collection of signs was started in 1942 by Carl Lindley, a homesick highway construction worker. He erected a sign pointing to his home town of Danville, IL. The cluster of signs has been reorganized and new signs are added to the collection each year by visitors who wish to promote their own communities. On July 20, 1990 Olen and Anita Walker of Bryan, OH placed the 10,000 sign. The Sign Post Forest is maintained by the Watson Lake Chamber of Commerce. I was suprised by sign of Chráněné přírodní rezervace from Czech Republic, my homecountry.

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