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Ciudad Juárez

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I have visited Ciudad Juárez just for few hours. You can visit for one day without visa from american's city El Paso. During entry to Mexico I have not any big luggage so I was not checked. So maybe in this way you can stay longer. I have just visited border's city Ciudad Juárez. At first sight is bright differencing between both countries. You can see a lot of foot clearers on the streets. I have never seen so many optics and chemist's on one place like here. As soon as you sit down at restaurant, children and women are offering you everything to sell. I with my friends tested Burritos.

Not only in the USA you have to drink alcohol at paperback on street.

Entry to the USA from mexico was easier than to cross USA-CANADA border. On the other hand American check buses and cars which are going from El Paso to inland.

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