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Mexico - history

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I visited Mexico only for a few hours during my first trip into the USA. I spent half a day in frontier city Ciudad Juárez.

The oldest archaeological discovery tell to us that people lived in area of current Mexico since 35 thousands years ago. First civilization - Olmeks - was established three thousand years ago. They built first pyramids, had accurate calendars, understood astronomy, were accomplished artisans, and built huge empires. The indigenous people of Mexico extend from a long line of advanced Native American civilizations with accomplishments rivalling those of the Egyptians and early Europeans.

Other centres of civilization were built in central, southern and eastern Mexico during beginning of hour era. Teotihuacán, Cholula and others. Some of them had population higher than 100 000 and their influence cover whole central America.

The Maya built extraordinary cities throughout North and Central America, but their empire fell in the 12th century AD. The Aztecs formed the last great empire before Hernán Cortés arrived in 1519 and set about conquering the area. The Spanish, who ruled for three centuries, exploited the country for its mineral and other resources. They introduced Christianity and virtually destroyed the Aztec culture, pulling down temples and building churches in their place.


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