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Journey 95

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With a friend of mine - Standa I went to Nederland by hitchhiking on June 18. We visited there Miki, hitchhiker that I had met a month ago in Salzburg. It took us two days. Miki provided us his room at a college in Utrecht. We stayed here a week. We did a few one day trips to several towns and two days journey toBelgium, where we visited Brussels. Because Standa did not want travel for such long time like me we said goodbye to each other. He went home and I went to Paris.

My next stop was at LyonI wanted visit here a friend of mine - Linda. She worked here during August. I had to wait for her arrival one week so I sticked together with a young girl Eva from Germany. We went together to Imperia in Italy. After three days we separated. I went beck to France. After visiting Nice and Monaco I met Linda in Lyon. I spent here two days and then went quickly home.

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