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Basin of Mekong river and large plateau in nowadays Laos, Cambodia and Thailand ware already settled 10 thousands years sooner than other parts of World. Archeological research found out that first time in the World was ceramic used right in this area. Big jugs in Xieng Khouang area comes from neolith period. First people belongs to Austro-Thai language group which consist of Thai-Kadai and Hmong-Mien. They establish villages mostly along river banks. There were not conflicts between new comers and former ones till 12th centuries. New tribes assimilate or found not yet settled land. Villages were small.

Southern part of Laos was from 1st. until 6th century center of Mon-Khmer kingdom. The kingdom expands all the way till northern Cambodia. And was conquered by Angkor Wat empire.

Bigger wave of new comers was between 12th and 13th centuries. They immigrated from China and northwestern Vietnam when they were escaping from influence of dynasty Jüan. In 1353 was found empire of Lanxang in northern Laos. The capital became city of Prabang. Empire assume Khmer culture and Buddhism. Actually in fact the empire was under power of Khmer empire. Are of empire was one of the biggest but not such with population.

During power of King Setthathirath was the capital moved into Vientiane. In 17th century when King Souliyavongsa was in command the empire had the highest prosperity. After his dead in 1711 thanks clans wars the empire split into three different parts: Luang Prabang, Vientian and Champassak. By the end of 18th century southern Laos was under influence of Thai, Luang Prabang under power of Burma, and later also under Thai. In the beginning of 19th centrury was are under French influence. In treatment with Thailand from 1893 France confirm its power over Laos. Nowadays border shape was established in 1896-1897. Since 1917 was Laos pasrt of French Indochina. During second WW was Laos occupied by Japanese, in 1949 got autonomy under French government and in. 1953 (after French capitulation in Indochina war) Laos got independency. In the same year left oriented movement Pathet Lao under command of Souphanouvonga, and with help of northern Vietnam and Soviet Union, occupied notrthern Laos. Civil war ended in 1954.

Laos is the most bombed country in the World. It happened during war in Vietnam.

Laos is one of the poorest countries in the World. 90% of citizens work in agriculture. The main products are rise, maniok, potatoes, corn, spice, coffee, tea and citrus. Treasure is in teak and mahagon, which aren’t used much.

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