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Nová Paka - Aš and back

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On July 15th 1996 I started my a first several days-long journey on a bicycle. On my "Trekking Fox - Hot Shot" I went visit a friend of mine in Aš - the westernmost city of Czech Republic. I would like in the future visit Italian Dolomite so I took this trip like myself examination.

First day I visited Prachovské skály - rocks area in Bohemia Paradise that is a very nice part of my country. I stopped also at castle Syřenov. For night I stoped at my relations in a village Křížany that are situated close to famous TV broadcaster - Ještěd.

I went almost just only on paved road next whole day, because I needed a little speed up. I saw the Panskou skálu - Virgin Rock by village Prácheň and than I uprised to the ridge of mountains - Krušných Hor where I slept close to water basin - Fláje.

I was very surprised by very flatting ridge. Bicyclist conditions are very good there. You can also find here a long-distance bicycling path which was also publicized in Cyclo-magazine Cykloturistika . Other day I stopped on the top of the highest hill of this mountain and also of my journey - Klínovec (1244 m). Through a beautiful landscape near to Boží Dar I went to Horní Blatná. It was my third night and I slept at field here. Next day I achieved Aš and I stayed a day here..

ay home took me three days. Through Cheb and famous spa - Mariánské Lázně I came to village Zdárek. I slept along forest. Last but one day I stopped at castle Křivoklát. I saw a battle of knights here.

In evening I arrived to the capital of Czech Republic - one of the prettiest cities in the world - Prague. I took rest on Staroměstské Náměstí - Old Square and at Žižka´s Monument at Vítkovský památník. Because none of my friend was home I have to sleep out of the city on a field. Next day I went my last 120 km and in afternoon I arrived home. So I finished my 7 - days long trip and I am looking forward to another one sometime in the future :)....

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