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New England - part I

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Notice.: Time - includes a short stops for traffic lights, a map´s study ..)

My bicycle was taken to the USA for FREE by British Airways. They took it like a second piece of luggage and it has to be separated in a box.

I would like to thank again to friends of mine Robert & Rosemary Steinbaum from NJ, who picked me up at JFK in NYC. I waited also at them for my bike that arrived a day later.

Day 1.
Date 31.5.1999
Mileage 57
Time 5:00:30
Average speed 11
Total mileage 57

In the morning I am completing a bike - TREKKING FOX - HOT SHOT and at 12:30 I start from Upper Montclair,NJ to Camp Winnebago v Maine. I enter NEW YORK STATE after 23 miles. I found a good place to sleep by Hudson River at Mount Bear State Park but it was too early. So I kept going for a hour. Later I was very tired but I could not to find good place where to sleep. So I stop on a lawn behind a preschool at a little village Peekskill,NY.

Day 2.
Date 1.6.1999
Mileage 68
Time 6:17:17
Average speed 10
Total mileage 125

Around 1:45 a.m. I was woke up by a strong stream of light from cup's car. And suddenly I heard" Why are You here?" My answer that I am bicycling from NJ to ME was a little shock for him. He even did mot check my ID but anyway he made me to leave. By the time I picked my stuff another car came. So I went about 5 more miles and stopped again.

This day I reached Torrington,CT

Day 3.
Date 2.6.1999
Mileage 115
Time 8:01:14
Average speed 14
Total mileage 240

I found I have got a kick in the morning. I killed it but I was not successful to get it off. It is cloudy but a nice to travel. This day I did my distance - record. I went about 30 miles in CT, across whole MA and about 20 miles in VT. I stopped at a KOA camp close to Putney, VT.

Day 4.
Date 3.6.1999
Mileage 102
Time 8:08:39
Average speed 12
Total mileage 342

The wether was similar to yesterdays one. I reached town Laconia,NH by the biggest lake in this state - Winnipesaukee. It was a strong wind so mosquitoes were not so bad. NH is hilly state that is called "Granite State".

Day 5.
Date 4.6.1999
Mileage 65
Time 5:50:14
Average speed 11
Total mileage 407

It is beautiful day. I passed Chocorura Lake. and entered to mountains recreation resort White Mountains I met first bikers here, some of them gave me good advice. On the summit of Mt. Washington is possible to get from Tuckerman Ravine, I broke my camp close to this place by a brook.

Day 6.
Date 5.6.1999
Mileage 7
Time 00:37:55
Average speed 11
Total mileage 414

I reached mountains' resort Pinkham Notch in the morning. Willing personal watched over my bike. I bought a map White Mountains for $5 here but it was not necessary. Trails are good marked. So I have not bought another anymore. I climbed Mt. Washington in sandal because I had not another shoes. People looked at me a little crazy but I was faster and easier walking then most of them.

Day 7.
Date 6.6.1999
Mileage 86
Time 5:50:14
Average speed 13
Total mileage 500

After a week travelling I at least around 16:00 got to the Camp Winnebago. Last 20 minutes I had rain but it was not such bad so I could finished my first part of my journey around New England.

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