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New England - part IV

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Notice.: Time - includes a short stops for traffic lights, a map´s study ..)

Day 15.
Date 18.9.1999
Mileage 0
Time 0
Average speed 0
Total mileage 497

It is sunny morning. I am making dry my stuff. Carol is checking the camp. Water's level of Echo Lake rose and flooded camp's port. For a rest of my journey I could to watch fallen trees in all states.

Day 16.
Date 19.9.1999
Mileage 82
Time 5:55:35
Average speed 14
Total mileage 579

It is such cold morning that I have to wear gloves almost till midday. My first stop is by Rumford Falls - this water falls is the highest in eastern are from Niagara Falls Is situated on Androscoggin River. This area was occupied by native americans - Anasagunticook. At evening I am warmed up by admire of a small group of young people on the top of Mahoosuc Range at Grafton Notch State Park. A few minutes later I am entering state of NEW HAMPSHIRE

Day 17.
Date 20.9.1999
Mileage 67
Time 5:08:20
Average speed 14
Total mileage 646

By noon I entered to state of VERMONT, twice I touched Canadian border and turned already to south. I overslept on a lawn man who has that day birthday.

Day 18.
Date 21.9.1999
Mileage 20
Average speed  
Total mileage 666

Morning a light shower is changing to rain. I have to keep going at least to only one town where I suppose to find a public library. In a cold rain I went about 20 miles. Librarian was so kind that turned on heating so I could dried my stuff. It was rain for whole day. I went just about 4 miles behind this town. At 16:30 o'clock I already was in a sleeping bag - only a warm place here.

Day 19.
Date 22.9.1999
Mileage 47
Average speed  
Total mileage 712

It is cloudy but at least not rain. I decided next day, when it is supposed to be sunny, to climb the highest mountain in state of VERMONT - Mt Mansfield, which is at Underhill State Park. I built a tent on lawn behind Jefferson Ville by Whiteness of Jewish at 15:30. It is rain for a rest of day.

Day 20.
Date 23.9.1999
Mileage 15
Average speed  
Total mileage 727

After 56 hours I can see Sun again. I take this opportunity to dry out my stuff. About 14:00 I am climbing Mt. Manfield. In this State is value-added tax = 0 and State does not pay any money to State Parks, so even bikers has to pay enter's fee. Not like in Maine. Mountain is not high but it is a great overlook from the summit.

Day 21.
Date 24.9.1999
Mileage 60
Time 5:30:00
Average speed 10
Total mileage 787

I stopped at Burlington, which is built on eastern shore of Champlain Lake. Around this lake are built cyclistic paths.

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