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New England - part III

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Notice.: Time - includes a short stops for traffic lights, a map´s study ..)

Day 8.
Date 11.9.1999
Mileage 30
Average speed  
Total mileage 274

Because of heavy rain last night all trails to summit of Mt. Katahdin are closed. But I was told that tomorrow they should be open. So I decide to climb Mt. South Turner. During hiking I met another moose and some snake.

Day 9.
Date 12.9.1999
Mileage 45
Time 4:27:21
Average speed 10
Total mileage 319

Early in the morning I went to the park. Because flood of the people on Knife Edge trail I had to go to Katahdin stream Camp and to the summit of Mt. Katahdin take part of Appalachian trail. At the camp I left my bike. It is a nice feeling to passing people who passed me by cars. They are greeting you ....Some times their surprised faces say everything ... :-)

It took me 2 : 50 to get to the summit. It was strong and cold wind on Katahdin tableland. Immediately after I was down I went to Milinocket. Here is a paper company - the biggest fabric in this area.

I just have got on my bike when a car stopped behind me. Driver asked me about my traveling and similar stuff. He - Allen drove his bike across the USA, Australia and New Zeland. Even I told him I was OK he gave me some food and Good Luck....

Day 10.
Date 13.9.1999
Mileage 72
Time 5:13:00
Average speed 14
Total mileage 391

After 6 days I am entering civilization. I have to sand some e-mails so I stop by public library at Milo. Library will be open in 2 hours but by happen I met librarian. She told me where is public bathroom if I need it. I am not sure if I am looking already such bad that I need it badly or if she is so kind. Later when she is coming she smiles and tells me: " I have bought something for You" and she gave me some stuff made from rubber that I can easier fast a tent on my bike.

I sent a few e-mails, discovered that friends of mine had a car accident in Texas and they are flying home.By evening I am meeting a friend of mine Petr Mareček at ORONO. He is studying at State University of Maine. Do you like to study at the USA? So visit his site. It is really crazy life there, is not it. Peter?

Day 11.
Date 14.9.1999
Mileage 0
Time 0
Average speed 0
Total mileage 391

I am looking through this university and with Petr I visit second largest town in Maine - Bangor.

Day 12.
Date 15.9.1999
Mileage 66
Time 4:50:00
Average speed 14
Total mileage 457

I attend psychologic lesson in the morning. I just want to find out if I could understand or not. I choose lesson in a big room in order to nobody ask me for anything ;-) . I was surprised by length of lessons. Mo, We and Fri thea are long just 50 minutes, Tue and Th 75 minutes.

When I am leaving I am first time worried about a hurricane of size of Florida which is coming in two days to Maine. Behind Skowhegan I asked people if I can sleep on their lawn by the road, they took me to their camp site by the river and alowed me to drive a canoe,....

Day 13.
Date 16.9.1999
Mileage 40
Time 4:50:00
Average speed 14
Total mileage 497

It is rain since the night. I went about 20 miles and then I take rest at New Sharon. I bought my car two years ago here. I was again worried of hurricane and because I was just another 20 miles from "my" camp I decided to stay there. I met Carol, Collis and Dave here again. Thanks a lot for Your help ....

Day 14.
Date 17.9.1999
Mileage 0
Time 0
Average speed 0
Total mileage 497

Rain, rain and nothing else. So I star to read "Grey Mask" by Patricia Wentworth.

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