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New England - part II

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Notice.: Time - includes a short stops for traffic lights, a map´s study ..)

Day 1.
Date 4.9.1999
Mileage 62
Time 5:00:00
Average speed 12
Total mileage 62

At 10:30 I start my as far the longest bicycling journey. I had a borrowed tent from the camp. Just first day I forgot again that I locked my bike and I destroyed a lock. My bike was OK so I could keep going. Thanks God.

I slept close to Bingham by road No. 16

Day 2.
Date 5.9.1999
Mileage 54
Time 5:20:00
Average speed 10
Total mileage 116

I was invited for breakfast in the morning. I just took water and than had to get over a very strong uphill. It was maybe the worst one. By the evening I reached Moosehead Lake Region - one of my main targets.
I let myself inspirited by a article about pickuping cans. It was not bad but they are not taking at each shop so I did it just one time. I have got $ 2,75 per no more than 5 minutes.

Day 3.
Date 6.9.1999
Mileage 21
Time 1:47:00
Average speed 11
Total mileage 137

I climbed Big Squaw visited Greenville in the morning. Later that day I swam in View Pond. This pond was much smaller than Moosehead so was pretty warm. I was there totally alone.

Day 4.
Date 7.9.1999
Mileage 45
Time -:-:-
Average speed -
Total mileage 182

It is cloudy almost whole day. It looks like at "Šumava" at rain. I am going to visit Gulf Hagas that is called "Grand Canyon of the East". But when I have drove about 12 miles I am stopped at the gate. Car are able to go 6 miles farther to a parking lot. But I am not. So I have to go back.

Day 5.
Date 8.9.1999
Mileage 52
Time 5:12:00
Average speed 10
Total mileage 234

After rainy night is sunny day. I stop atLily Bay State Park that is situated on Moosehead Lake. My next stop is Kokadjo. I sew maybe 6 people at this village but half of them were tourists. Just behind the village is also end of paved road. In northward direction is just unpaved privet road. This road is open to public but paper company vehicles have yield. They are caring woods and bikers are prohibit on the" Golden Road". But I found it out in the middle.

I was told that i had to see a lot of moose along this road. But I was still just missing them.

Day 6.
Date 9.9.1999
Mileage 10
Average speed  
Total mileage 244

I slept by artificial lake and in the morning I visited hunter's cottage. I saw two bears who were killed last night. I stopped by a border of Baxter State Park I left my bike at Abon Pines. This camp is by "West Branch Penobscot River". A night costs $5 but I had 20% discount because my Maine's ID. This camp has not water (except river) and You have to pay only to rancher if you meet him.

Just 15 minutes after I walked in to the park I suddenly met Black Bear. I was surprise and I had not ready my camera. He was just about 25 feet away and I did not dare to do any noise. He was eating some roots and he seemed to not pay any attention to me.

Day 7.
Date 10.9.1999
Mileage 0
Time 0
Average speed 0
Total mileage 244

It was rain in the morning but later is partly cloudy. Hikers and bikers do not pay park enter's fee. I hiked about 12 miles along Appalachian trail. I saw moose just over as pond - pretty far. Pretty heavy rain started afternoon. I met Katty & Ron form Pennsylvania who gave me a lift back to my camp. It was rainy for a rest of the day. I had to waite for Mt. Katahdin another day.

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