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Zion a Hebrey word referring to a place of safety or refuge, given to this canyon by Mormon pioneers in the 1860s. Park´s size is 86 km². The lowest elevation is 1 128 m, the highest is 22 660 m. First people came here 2 000 years ago.Sedimentary rock, mostly sandstone is old 250 to 150 mil years. The richest diversity of plants in Utah has almost 800 native species.

At this park I riched my the biggest alpinist´s effort. Not for upland but for difficult trail that I went. It was first time that I agreed with guided book and parks information that the trail was long drop-off and narrow. It is not for everyone fearful of heights.

I had not suitable shoes so especially at the biginning I afraid of skidding and falling down. Angels Landing

Camps at park are usually full, but a camping sites are big enough so you can try spare a place with somebody else like we did.

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