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One of the most visiting parks in the USA. It is situated in Sierra Nevada. A lot of waterfalls are there and that is why you should visit the park in late spring or early summer when waterfalls have a huge amount water from melting snow. The highest one is the USA is high 739 m.

Several visitors centers are in park. In 11km long and 1.5km wide Yosemite Valley is provided a free shuttle bus. The cheapest camp is walk-in "4-camp". It is used mostly by clambers and costs $5/person. Other camps costs around $18/site.

For many clambers is challenge more than 1km high "upright" wall El Capitan. It takes more than a day to climb this wall. For me - non clamber is challenge another symbol of Yosemite - "A Half Dome" (2 901m). It takes me more than four hours to achieve the summit. Trail from the valley's bottom is long 11km and is first passing Vernat Fall and Nevada Fall. Than leads through beautiful Little Yosemite Valley. Next time I would camp here in backpaker's camp and do some hikes further to the wwilderness In the last section of trail to the A Half Dome summit you have to use cables. It looks worst than it is. Actually it is easier than walking on in rock carved steps. It could take me no more than 10 minutes to do it. It depends how many people are there. By the beginning of cables is a stack of gloves which you can use. I did not because it seemed to me spinning.

It is estimated to be here 1 300 species of plane, 31 of tree and 220 of birds.

Just in a short distance east from eastern border are another places good to visit - Mono Lake and Bodie.

Climb A Half Dome

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