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Burrell Pottery

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Bill Burrell -a young guy, who I met with his dog Alby at Adirondacks on Mt. Marcy. When he discovered my travelling around New England he invited me to visit his studio. So in two days I stopped at him. I met here also Jitka and Libor. Bill is a very willing, kind and friendly person. He worked like a chemists but 5 years ago he started his own business like a potter. A cup, he gave me, will forever remember him to me.

Thanks to Bill I met other artist - Christopher Pierce. We visited him at his home and studio. Christopher paints most of all sunflowers in a porcelain vase, but also friends,landscape, acta,...First of all he wanted to be musician but at the and he became a painter. He limited himself to watercolor because the medium imposes an organizational discipline that he needed. You can see some of his pictures at Soho Virtual Art Gallery

Burrell Pottery
55 Hill St.
NY 128 34
e-mail: burrellpottery@netscape.net

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