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Badlands that is sharply growing from endless flat ground of prairie arised ago 60 mil. years when surrounding prairie were flooded by water. During arising Black Hills and Rocky Mountains water brought sediments from witch are consisted Badlands nowadays. It is very easy to image yourself on the Moon here in the night when just Moon and stars are flashing. The Badlands experience extreme temperatures in midsummer and winter, but late spring and autumn offer pleasant weather and fewer insects. Take care, you can always meet rattlesnake and bisons ...

Similar areas like this one is in the USA several but this one in South Dakota and Nebraska is the biggest (over 6 000 square miles) and gave to others their name the Badlands. Only about 13% of this land is contained in the national park.

The Badlands are one of the fastest changing areas on the Earth. In a few millions years they will probably disapper. Indians often came here to hunt. Bison and other wildlife drew hunters here as far as back 10 000 years. Cliffs made ideal "buffalo jumps" where bison were stampeded to their deaths.

In 1963 the Park Service reintroduced 53 bison to the Badlands. The herd is now held at 500. These bison roam across 64 000 acres of rolling prairie in the park.

Badlands has the largest native grasslands of anz US national park. The most important is buffalo grass. blue grama, western wheat grass,...Most of water comes in the form of spring downpours and runs quickly away.

"The hills are shadows, and they flow
from form to form, and nothing stands;
They melt like mist, solid lands,
Like clouds they shape themselves and go."

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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