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This park is one of the less visited because its unaccesse. The best access is by plane from Anchorage to King Salmon (return ticket cca $400) and than to Brooks Camp ($130).

The 15 active volcanoes here make Katmai one of the world's most active volcanic centres today. The June 1912 eruption of Novarupta Volcano altered the Katmai area dramatically. Several earthquakes rocked the area for week before Novarupta exploded. For several days ash and gas were ejected and haze darkened the sky over most of the Northern Hemisphere. More than 65 km2 of lush green land was buried by as much as 200m deep volcanic deposits. In Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes are several rivers actually gorges, formed as water cuts through the deep layers of ash. Canyons in these rivers are very silt laden as they carry tons of volcanic ash downstream. The water can rise and fall rapidly according to weather. You can get here by bus from Brooks Camp.

The park is rich of salmon who are on menu for the biggiest brown bears over the world.These are even bigger than grizzly because their rich diet of fish.

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