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Capitol Reef

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Capitol Reef National monument established on 2nd August 1937 was converted to a national park in 1971. This rugged beautiful country where ancient multicolored rock layers are exposed by a massive fold in Earth's crust. Deep narrow canyons, diverse plants and animals and reminders of earlier culutres are all part of this area.

Errosion discovered 15 sandstone layers whose age range from 65 to 270 million years. The each layer has its specific characteristics and color. The older rocks are found in the western part of the park, and the younger rocks are found near the east boundary. Navaho were inspirated by this visual effect and they gave this land name "Land of a sleeping rainbow". Common form of white domed peaks of sandstone (Capitol) and ridges of sharply justting rock that interupt tha land (reefs) gives today's name to the Capitol Reef national park.

The park's land is crossed by one 40 kilometers long "scenic road" and more than 200 kilometrs of gravel roads heading into removed parts.

The specific place is area called "Cathedral Valley" near a park's northern boundary. Deep erosion has carved Cathedral Valley's free-standing monoliths, or temples, out of the soft reddish-orange Entrada Sandstone, which was originally deposited as sandy mud on a tidal flat. This place is accessible only by many long kilometers of unpaved road so is pretty much saved against tourist crowd. The Cathedral Valley was discovered after World War II, as the result of search for the wreckage of a lost millitary plane.

Along Fremont River just three kilometers from a visitor center are fruit's Orchades. These trees - apple, pear, peach, cherry, apricot, mulberry, even Potowatomee Plum - are the most obvious reminder of the pioneer community that once prospered in the narrow valley of the Fremont River. There are more than 3 000 trees. The Orchade was established by Mormons who lived here in 18th century. Today's visitors can pick up some frutit for their own use for free. To take some bigger amoutn away there is a price list. Strait in this oasis is campgorund.

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