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Sequoia and Kings Canyon

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This park is famous first of all for one of the biggest trees over the world Giant Sequoia. One of the most known trees is General Sherman. Although it is not the world's tallest or widest living thing, it is by far the most massive in bulk. It contains enough wood to build more than 40 five-room houses. And it keeps growing. It's age is estimated 2 300 to 2 700 years. All of the sequoias are limited to live in elevation between (1 000-2 500)m on the Sierra Nevada's western slope, where the air is crisp, water is plentiful and winters are mild. They have relatives in Pacific costal area Redwood National Park.

This park has also many canyons. Kings Canyon is the deepest in Northern America. His depth achieve 2 624m. These canons were formed both like glaciers, shape- U, so by rivers - shape V.

On the eastern border is located the highest peak in "lower 48" - Mt. Whitney (4 418m). The easiest access is from eastern side by trail John Muir. To this trail is access by 20 km long road from "Lone Pine". I use this trail too. I am sorry I had not more time and not visit other parts of the park. I hiked with a friend of mine - Kevin and we did it in two days. Trail starts at 2 800m and after 30km finish at 4 418m. We started at the evening when my friend finish his work (ranger) and we stayed at camp Trail Camp (4000m). I though it would be easy from this camp to reach the summit but it took us several hours to get there.

Na východní hranici tohoto parku se také nachází nejvyšší hora "lower 48" - Mt. Whitney (4 418m). Nejsnadnější přístup na tuto horu je z východní strany Sierra Nevada od vesničky "Lone Pine". Odtud jsem na Mt. Whitney lezl i já. Bohužel jsem neměl více času a z parku jsem navštívil pouze tuto část. Výstup jsem s kamarádem rozdělil do dvou dnů. Překonávali jsme převýšení 1300m a ušli více jak 30 kilometrů. Tábořili jsme v Trail Camp (4000m). Očekával jsem, že odtud je to již kousek, ale byl to omyl. Ještě nás čekalo několik hodin stoupání.

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