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The world's tallest tree (about 112 metres/367 feet) is located in Redwood National Park. The park was established in 1968. Branches start as high as 35-60m. Roots do not grow very deep like we could except but in depth 2-3m they extend as far as 17m. The biggest enemy for these trees are floods which can take away ground and show roots.

The park encompasses a 64-kilometre (40-mile) strip (wide 7-35km) of scenic Pacific coastal territory and contains virgin forests of ancient redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens). Seeds are size of tomato seed. Coast Redwoods survive to be about 2 000 years old, averaging 500 to 700 years old. Trees are living link to Age of Dinosaurus. It is interesting that here is not relation between hight, age and size of tree like it is common for other kind of tree. Why is it like this nobody knows...they may weight as much as 500 tons.

Coast redwoods are dependent on the costal climate. The fog acts as insulation, cooling in summer and warming in the winter. Trees creats their own fog as well by traspiring huge amounts of moisture, as mush as 2 000 liters per tree per day. They are also very fire resistant because their fick bark.

Giant sequoias are cousins of redwood. They grow larger in diameter and bulk, but not in height. Ho you walk between these gigantic trees you can feel like elf or ant...

I visited this park with Alice, Sam, Henry and Frank who gave me a lift.

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