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I am thirsty at late evening on Broadway Ave in San Francisco. I feel also a little bit lonely. So I decide to entree to a bar. First of all I thought that the bar was bigger because there was a mirror's wall. I ask for the cheapest beer that costs $3.5. Soon I start to talk to bartender. She has been to Prague so she understand. Pleasant surprise is a mixed beverage she put in front of me without asking. After a few more ones we are going to next room to listening live music. Here we have a few more beers. Because I have not arranged my lodging yet so she offers me to stay for night in her appartma. After a while by taxi I meet her sister, short talk and lets go sleep. Thanks a lot Reiny and I hope to see you again...

Hitchhiking I found a first road in the USA which is called by hitchhikers: "it is not such bad" - 101 going along Californian coast. And true, every day I could see at least one hitchhike.

I got a lift by Alice and her three sons - Frank, Sam and Henry - in Golden Beach,OR. I have to give them my admiration because they travel as far as from Maine, which I know very well, because I worked in Camp Winnebago. They were on they journey around whole country. And they were so nice and kind so I enjoy to travel with them for three days. We spent first night in Redwood. Other night we stayed at Judy a Doug. Although Alice had not know them in person, just through her friend, she called them so I could come too. Our ways split sop far in Sacramento. I visited here a "internet's" friend of mine Petra Bubna (we found each other by net) and Jarka.

The bear - story: Denali Park Resort is totaly in rural area. One day a bear came exactly to the resort so more than twenty people watched him. One Czech guy get to close to him at the same moment when rangers came. They arrested him with handcuff on his wrists. He could choose: fine $300 or three days of work for the park without payment.

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