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Experience 97

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Friendly New York Second day of my visit in the USA, in morning, i was ask for help by young book seller. At Czech I would not take anything for such help, but here was each dollar welcome. Two days before I flew home I have found twenty dollars on the floor at bus terminal Port Authority.

Hitchhiking Because Greyhound does not go to almost all places that I wanted visit I had to use hitchhiking. And because hitchhiker is in States always suspected, we were ( me and my friend Jindra) czeched by local sherif. After he discovered who we were he called other policeman (county one)that gave us lift. We passed road sign" TROSKY" that is also name of the ruins at my home land.

Maria (Mexican) who has been living in States for 20 years, gave us lift. When she found that we had not place to sleep. She took us home. In the morning after breakfast she took us 50 miles to bus at Sioux Falls. We were also invited to southern Mexico to her parents.

I missed bus at a little town - Mojave so I had to hitchhike. In five minutes I get lift by two man in truck. I thing I will never forget about this trip. I was sitting back. We went through deserts to Las Vegas. I was listening rock music ( almost for three months I had not heard even radio), I had wind in hair and ate fresh oranges. The same way I went next day. But this time it was in mountains in Utah. I was happy when we stopped. I was deadly frozen.

I found very difficult hitchhiking to Bryce Canyon I was not sure how much time (many days) it could take to Greyhound. I decided to go anywhere where was Greyhound station. In a a half hour I stopped a young boy. He had a old car that he bought for $300 ( winking lights did not works,...) I went with him again to Flagstaff.

We were looking for cheap hostel in El Paso. By happened we stopped at International Hotel. Even a security man looked at us suspectly. Of course it was too expansive. When we passed a security man again, he asked us:" Where are you from?" He was from Germany and he had a lot friends in our country. He arranged for us a big discount.

I was still taking care over my luggage. That is why I did not loos it at El Paso. I changed bus, but they did not shift my luggage.

I let to do my 11 rolls of film at supermarket Wal Mart. They did not catch one of them. I got a new roll film and they sent pictures home. If they do not catch it in time, you get them later free.

I stopped for three hours at a small village in Arizona because I wanted arrive to next town in morning. It started a heavy rain. I stood by some offices door. In moment owner with words:" Inside it will be better" he invited me.

A man asked me for $50 on some street in N.Y. He promised me sand them home,... I am not sure if I look like such good man or so stupid. When I showed him my broken shoes he quickly left.

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