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Las Vegas

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I wanted come to this town of worlds gambling at night. But doom changed my plane so I came by hitchhiking just at noon. After I let my luggage at Greyhound station ($4 per day), I went to The $trip - street which makes Las Vegas itself. Here are situated maine casinos, hotels,... In front of some are made some performance in order to catch attention of potential customers, gamblers.

For example in front of Treasure Island is each one and half hour pretended battle sea or in front of The Mirage is after sunset each 15 minutes explosions of vulcan. You can free walking through all casinos and You do not need have formal cloths like at Europe´s Monte Carlo. You can visit also hotels gardens that are full of pools,waterfalls,rocks...But pools are intended just to guest of hotels. Americans are making here their artificial world - Monte Carlo , pyramid Luxor , new part - New York ,... It is all imitation, but something itself it has.The city is under continual reconstruction. L.V. is comparatively save town and even call-girls you do not find on the streets. You can just read their advertisements at leaflet. The cheapest game at automat costs 5 cents and the cheapest game costs $3.

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