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The former capital of Alaska in time when Russians owned this territory. Sitka was established by Alexander Baranof like one of the earliest Russian settlements in Alaska. Is situated on Baranof Island. In 1799, Alexander Baranof built Fort St. Michael six miles north of the present day Sitka (near the ferry terminal). This settlement was destroyed two years later by Tlingit warriors, and in 1804, Baranof returned from Kodiak to re-stake a settlement in the Sitka area. Following the battle at Indian River with the Tlingit, the Russians were able to settle in the former Indian site which is now Sitka, and the Indians evacuated the area until about 1822. Main economical income is from fishery. This a little city is friendly and "the capital" status would fit. In the centre is the Russian Orthodox St. Michael's Cathedral. You can still feel Russian Flavor here. Nearby is a canoe and a few totem poles.

Sitka National Historic Park—The 107-acre park preserves and interprets the site of a Tlingit Indian fort and an important battle fought between the Russians and Tlingits in 1804. As a result of this famous battle, the Russians won an overseas empire, while the Indians lost their independence much of their culture and their way of life.

Ferry terminal is about 12km north so you have to take a cab or bus (return ticket - cca $10).

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