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Memphis is on the Mississippi river in Tennessee state. It is place where arised Rock┤N┤Roll". A friend of mine maybe most of all was amused by studio Sun. Elvis recorded his first LP here. Johny Cash,
Roy Orbison, U2...recorded also here. At daytime you can take a a half hour excursion (7,85$). At night time is studio used for recording. You can also do your a short record here for $20.

Farther from the city is Graceland - villa, where is buried Elvis. There are several attraction. I was just in Graceland and I was pleased by tasty arranged house surroundings. They showed you house, document film, hall with prices, cloths, and other Elvis things..., During excursion everybody has his own tape with commentary. End is at Elvis grave


In the city is also National Civil Rights Museumthat is situated on place where Martin Luther King was killed.

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