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Seattle is named after indian cheaf and is situated on narrow strip of ground between Pugel Sound gulf and Washington Lake. This city grow fast thanks to Golden Rush that occurred in Klondike,Yukon in 1898. Town was last place where people could get all stuff needed in the North. They were leaving from Seattle through Inside passage to Skagway by boats. Then they had to get across mountains. There were two trails: Chilkoot Pass or White Pass. Final station was http://dawsoncity.ca/">Dawson City. Canadian Police enforced from everybody supplies for a whole year because there was nothing. So thousands people spent their last money here. Seattle changed to regional trade centre and trade grows up to $25 million.
Seattle has also got money form people who had success. These people spent big money for houses and women :)...Historical buildings are on Pioneer Square.

Today you can visit Klondike Gold Rush - s little nite museum on Maine St. They will show you a short documentary movie, auntentical photos and other stuff. Free.

Seattle is famous for drinking cafe everywhere and for rainy weather. You can try Espresso, Latté, Cappuccino, Americano, Macciato... Next to downtown is above city Space Needle.

Just short way from Seattle is Everett with the biggest hall in the world. The Boeing, factory complets its planes here. Tour costs $5. To get there you can take Greyhound.

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