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Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii State. Leis on southern coast of O'ahu. It is famouse for the Waikiki beach lined with hotels. Chunks are lighted with sunset and creat romantic feelings.

Hawaiian islands had their own chiefs till dicovery by the European. In a period 1790-1810 these ilands were united by Kamehameha the Great. He eastablished a monarhy. His statue stays infront of "Aliiolani Hall", entrance is for free.

The statue on the Waikiki beach reminds double winner of olympic games in swimming Duke Paoa Kahanamoku(1912,1920) and one of founders of The Hiu Nalu Club of waves and Canoe Club. Members of these clubs were among first who started to spread surfing and by surfing affected a new life style...Duke was born August 24, 1890 and is called "the father of modern surfing". It is true that the biggest waves are on opposite "Northern Shore".

East of Waikiki is a volcanic crater Diamond Head with a beautiful overlook. WEst of Honolulu is well known Pearl Harbor which was on 7th December 1941 under Japanese attack. Eight battle ships and another ten boats were sank or seriously damaged. Over 200 militarian aircrafts were destroyed too. Circa 3000 soilders died or were injuried.

Honolulu is an economical, cultural and education center of Hawaii State.Just a few kilometers fromHonolulu you can see beautiful nature. Near to University of Hawaii starts track to a bamboo forest and cascade waterfalls. To reach upper waterfalls you have to climb steep track. Because it is danger it is prohibited. When climbing you have to hold roots ... Other danger is a heavy rain which can cause flood. Flood can wash you down or disable you return. Rest in waterfall's pools is very pleasant.

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