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Thanks to calm water and beautiful beaches has nickname "Gardening Island". Three millions old island is economical, cultural and education center of Hawaii State. On O'ahu live 75% of whole state's population. This island visit most tourists by on others islands they spend longer time. These islands have richer natural variety. Another reason could be that large area of O'ahu serves for military purpose. The army is the biggest employer. Among most common fruits is pineapple.

The capital Honolulu has a famous beach Waikiki with many hotels. With sunset burn along the beach chunks that create romantic and idyllic feeling. At the east end is a volcanic crater Diamond Head. From here is beautiful overlook.

Hanauma Bay in southeast is well known for good snorkelling. Unfortunately huge number of visitors had a bad impact on corals which are almost dead.

Just a few kilometers from Honolulu you can see beautiful nature. Near to University of Hawaii starts track to a bamboo forest and cascade waterfalls. To reach upper waterfalls you have to climb steep track. Because it is danger it is prohibited. When climbing you have to hold roots ... Other danger is a heavy rain which can cause flood. Flood can wash you down or disable you return. Rest in a waterfall is very pleasant.

Northern shore is favorite place for surfers because it's big waves.

Among other island's attractions is Polynesian Cultural Center which should be nice but expensive. In Pearl Harbor is situated USS Arizona Memorial monument. This is where on 7th December 1941 began war between US and Japan. Admission is free. Only one hundred meters away is Mighty Mo - ship on which on 2nd September 1945 war ended. Excursion of war ship Missouri and in submarine USS Bowfin has entrance fee.

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