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The biggest and the youngest (one million years) of Hawaiian islands was made by five vulcan of which Mauna Loa, Kilauea a Hualalai are considered like a active even today. All of them are in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The Big Island's size is bigger than combined size of seven other main islands.

On this island is also the tallest mountain of State of Hawaii - volcano Mauna Kea (4 205m). If we consider height from the oceanic bottom than mountain hight reach 9 754m and became the tallest mountain in the whole world. It is possible to ski on mountain's slopes in winter season. Because near the mountain are not any big resources of light and over 330 nights per year is cloudless was on the summit build observatory. On this project participate ten countries. Information center is aaltitudeon 3 100m. From here it is another eight kilometres to the summit.

During a visit of this island you should not miss Waipio Valley ( map - point 67). Valley is called "The Valley of the King" because in history king used this place for relaxations. Today several families lives in this ten kilometers long valley. You can meet here roaming horses. On 600m tall slopes are many waterfalls. The longest one in the country has 400m. Valley leis on northern coast so is rich in rains. Windy coast attracts surfers.

Into the valley is narrow steep road. The steepest part has 42° and that is why only 4WD are allowed into the valley. After crossing a river you can camp free of charge on grass along a beach.

I went next day to 12 kilometers remote and unsettled another valley - Waimanu Valley. In this valley you can stay over night only with permit. As far as you get path is worse and worse because less and less people use it. At several places was path damaged by slides. Whole path is through tropic forest. Just a few cilometres from beginning you can take a rest in a cascade waterfall.

Among historical and secred places behoves Pu'uhonua o Honaunau and Kealakekua Bay where died Captain James Cook.. Not only at Punalu'u Black Sand Beach on eastern coast you can watch sea tortoise. but this place was too commercial for me...

Big Island is the least settled but in last several years it's population is growing fast. Hitchhiking around the island is easy.

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