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Bus of company Greyhound does not go to most of the places like national parks,... 30-days ticket - Ameripass - price:

Greyhound can be use not only like transports vehicle but also to spend a night in. In southern states is often cold because they enhance it with air-conditioning. So take with you warm cloths. It was possible to buy ticket for $59 to go anywhere in low season 1999. You only had to buy ticket 14 days in advance.

Internet in public library you can often use internet for free. To use internet in piblic library in Hawaii you have to buy "visitor id" for $10 (2002). It is valid for three months in whole Hawaii state.

I let make pictures at supermarket Wal Mart. Here is also cheap (less than $5) auto atlas of the USA. At other places costs $10.

A bank account - you can have under some condition open, maintained and closed free of charge. You will also get ATM card wich you can use to withdraw money. According to your card there is a limit of cca $500 per day.

If you have for longer time address, you can use free calling phone numbers (starts 800 or 888)and call for any information over whole the USA. They will send you free information ( map, events,... You do not pay anything.

First time in my life i have met junction with All-ways-stop. Everybody have to stop and than who is first going into has a priority.

A lot of cars have red direction indicators and often at the same place like rear lights. So you can see just a change of light's intensity. On the other hand The USA is country with the most considered drivers I have seen.

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