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Hawaiian islands were made by volcanic process. According to a theory islands lie on "Pacific plate" which is slowly moving in northwest direction. Under this plate is fixed "hot point" from which is leaking lava. And this lava made all hawaiian islands. In southeastern direction are islands younger and younger. Even nowadays is slowly build new island. Thirty kilometers east of the youngest island Hawaii-Big Island and c. 1 000m under sea level is growing new mountain. If new volcano grows with constant speed in 60 000 years will reach surface and create new island.

Main settled islands had been created in last five millions years. The oldest islands are old between 30 to 35 millions years. Whole islands chain is actually top of mountain range long three thousands kilometers.

As a science theory mythology of first citizens tell us that Pele - goddes of fire lived with her family on the Far Kahiki island. But one day she argued with her sister Namaka - godde of sea. Her sister chase out Pele and her family by big waves. Pele tried to settle down on each island she saw. But she was defeated again and again. She tried her chance on islands Kauai, O'ahu, and in crater of Haleakala on Maui island. In the end she settled down in a crater of Kilauea on Big Island. Nonstop steams are still showing her presence there even today.

Hawaiian islands are the most isolated islands in the world. To the nearest continent ti is more like 3 600 kilometers. On the average, approximately one new life-form colonized the islands every 35 000 years. Only flora and fauna that was here before white man is considered like native. 90% of native fauna and flora is endemic - found nowhere else on earth. Nowadays is every year imported to the islands nc. twenty new life-forms. Because they do not have natural enemies they spread very fast and are danger to native plants and animals. 90% of flora and fauna in Hawaii is already un native.

Polynesian discovered islands around 500 AC. They came in several waves and visited many islands. They lived along the coast. Fished in costal waters and collected shellfish, seaweed. They raised pigs, dogs and chickens, and harvested sweet potatoes, taro and other crops. Their life was peaceful till arrival of Tahitian who established strict social system. First European who discovered this paradise for the "western world" was in 1778 Captain James Cook. Hi made first stops on Kauai, O'ahu and Maui. On Big Island he stopped one year later. Here this great discoverer met his death at Kealakekua Bay.

Lanai on Maui island became a center of whaler industry in 1820. For next 50 years that had been the biggest economical income. In the middle of 19th century the main importance had confectionary industry. Trade between Hawaiian islands and continental USA grew and in 1893 Hawaii got under their strong influence. Established Republic after annexation by United States in 1900 became a special territory. Hawaii Islands got status of 50th State in 1959. Capital Honolulu is on O'ahu island.

Hawaii has tropical climate with a strong influence of Pacific ocean. Islands are divided by mountains to northeast parts where winds bring rainy clouds and southwest parts which are sunny and dry. Difference between winter's and summer's temperatures is very small and temperature is pleasant 27°C. Ocean is a little bit unstable with taller waves in winter season.

Very good information is that on Hawaii islands is not any danger animal. You will not see here even leech. Only danger to man could be sharks or floods water in waterfalls. Somewhere you can not find drinkable water, for example at Oheo Gulch. So be prepared and take your own from home.

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