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Camp Winnebago

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I´d like to thank owners of the camp - Phil & Lynn not just for providing a car (for driving test) and lending a tent for my travelling after camp. I´d also like to thank Carol & Stave who helped me with the car.

The Camp Winnebago, founded in 1919, is situated in state Maineon the Echo Lake. It is intended for 150 boys of ages 8 to 15. Camps program is consisted of waterfront activities, swimming, wind surfing athletics,... Kids learn photography, video production, wood-craft,... During the camp that last for two months, kids have a few several days long trips. Camper experience for example rafting on a river, climbing the mountains and much more.

At the camp were around 230 persons. Boys and counsellors were from around the world. I worked at the kitchen.

Work at the kitchen consists of three etaps: a, b, c

Duty in the kitchen:
  • 7:00 our breakfast
    • a - 7:20 preparation of camps breakfast
    • b - 8:00 camps breakfast
    • c - 8:30 cleaning and preparation for lunch
  • 9:45 end
    • 12:00 our lunch
    • a - 12:20 preparation of camps lunch
    • b - 12:45 camps lunch
    • c - 13:30 cleaning and preparation for dinner
  • 14:30 end
  • 17:00 our dinner
    • a - 17:20 preparation of camps dinner
    • b - 18:00 camps dinner
    • c - 18:40 cleaning and preparation for breakfast
  • 19:40 end

We worked at three positions that we changed in sequence. Every day our position moved within person.

dinning room - three men : dish washing- two man: pot washing - one person:
Sundays breakfast:

We were divided at two groupes. First one starts at 8:00 and server till 10:00. Second one starts cleaning at 10:00 and prepare everything for lunch till 12:00. Both groupies are changed weekly.


- at our free time we could use all camps equipment - canoe, tennis,library ... At the camp is also a bunk prohibited to kids. There is TV,video,...

One per week we went to a party. It did not look bad there, but beer was too expansive cca $ 2,5. The "Full age" - 21 is forced here very strongly.
One of my American friends lent me his bike. So I was able to undertook a few one-days trips, visit my friend in other camp and discover little more from Maine. I was very pleased by American drivers. They were very careful and always passed me only if they had assurance of enough room. Without bike or car was almost impossible to see something more than the camp.

I met, with my room-mate Peter, Jim - American who was living in Sweden. He was travelling around his native land for holiday. And so he offered us a day trip. We visited with him next state - New Hampshire, his friends and Atlantic coast.


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