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Princess 00/01

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Because in Aramark work condition has changed compare to last season I start also to work at Princess Alaska Lodge. Thanks to friends of mine Martina and Honza who arrived two weeks earlier i do not have any problem to get a job. I am working with them in a laundry. We were still preparing all kinds of sheeting for people from housekeeping. I work just first three days here. In housekeeping they are short handed so for a rest of the season I am working in this department.

I am working here just like a "part timer". Housekeeper shift starts usually at 8 a.m. My start is thanks my boss flexible. I start around 9 a.m. after my night's job. We can finish when every room is done. On the beginning of season it is between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Although the work is fast and demanding I like it. It is such a big difference to my night job. Later when department hired more personal overtimes were not allowed.

Because I start later I am working every day at different building. Hotel has six buildings for guests. First of all I prefer to work on building #4 because I liked people working there. But situation changed, some friends quieted, some moved to different building. So Later I did not care where I am working. On every building I have some friends. I met young people from over the world: Mexico, Columbia, Korea, Yugoslavia ...here. To my surprise many Americans work in this department although I thing some of them could do more interesting job. Payment was $7/hour with $1 like a bonus if you comply contract.

Houseman - enters usually a room first and takes all trash, dirty towels and sheets to the laundry. He is preparing a room for housekeepers who are preparing the room for guests - make sheets, clean bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, fill up what is missing...

It is true not everywhere was a friendly atmosphere but it was not bad at all. I work first time at position where you share tips with your coworkers. How much it was depends beside guests on houseman who should give them to a building's supervisor who should split them. I am sure that not all of them did that like they should to.

How much cost lodging I do not know because I have already one. Like a employer you have 60% discount but even with the discount I would pay $3-4. It was better for me to drive a bike into Aramark stafing dining room that was just 1-2km away. I worked in Princess Alaska Lodge since June 2 till 15 September 2001.

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