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Pederson Point 00

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PPT is a cannery situated on coast of Bristol Bay, it is on western coast of Alaska Peninsula. From Anchorage it is 480km by air. This factory is a part of North Pacific Processors,INC..

Prosessing is here ~ Salmon (sockeye, chum and king). Season starts around middle of the June and ends by the and of July. Every year it is a little bit different, depends on Salmon runs. One year you can work a lot of hours and earn big money, next year you can just cover your costs....

So how does it look in average? You have to take an interview in Anchorage. Here they tell you details about a job and also where you can to go. In Alaska are plany of canneries. Just for example in Valdez, Cordova, Yakutat, Dutch Harbor - Unalaska,.... There are differences between them in job, living (room, tents,...), payment ( $6-7per hour) and meal conditions. Also transportation to cannery are different.

PPT pays flight ticket to the cannery. There are not roads. In 2000 it costed cca $400. At the moment when you take this job nobody knows how long would be season so how long you will work. If you decide to quite you have to pay your way back!!! If you stay till they need you, they will also pay you flight back.

First we flew from Anchorage to King Salmon, here we changed the plans. They give us seat according to our weights. I flew in Cessna 208 Caravan for 10safarie. This plan had upper wings and I felt like in safari. Just a pity that whole flight was just about 10 minutes long... We landed on unpaved road in nowhere....

PPT - part II.

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