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Pederson Point 00 - continuance

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There are three departments:

Butchering - You have to work in rain gear because it is wet, cold and noisy here. A lot of bloods,...Most of workers were Philippians, Japanese,..

Grading - accruing to quality and weight. Fishes are loaded on racks and then for a several hours to freezers. also here you have to have rain gear because working conditions are very similar to butchering. Just job is not such bloody.

The last department is Case up - where are frozen fishes putted in plastic bags and than to paper boxes. So now they are ready for export to Japan. This is relative a dry place and you do not need to wear rain gear. It is also not such cold here but maybe a bigger noise.

Most of positions are with wet, cold, and noisy conditions. You are very often working by belt productions so you have not most opportunity to take rest. job is monotonous, physical and mental very demanning.This job is also based on overtimes so you have to work a lot of hours per day and every day in week. Usually we worked 16 hours per day. We work on three shifts so you can also work whole night. For every meal break you have to clock out. You have a half hour and in this time you have to change cloths, went to dining room, eat and get back. So for eating you have no more like 17 minutes and you are happy. Every 2,5 - 3,5 hours there is break for snack. It is true that I felt like in prison or in the army. And some former prisoners were exactly working here, because the can not to find better job...But you can also find here students, artists, and people who do not want to work for whole year... I wake up in the morning with pain in whole my body. I couldn't move with my fingers but man get to used it...

Overtimes are paid according to the law in 1.5xbasic payment Room, meals and laundry was for free. For 350 people there were just two phones box and internet was not avaible. The closest village was abablem away and you could go there by car through beach just during low tide.

In different canneries could be different conditions. It is also possible to work on the boats....but about it sometime next time :)

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