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This time I arrived to Alaska work for whole four months. I started already on 17th of May. I worked in two companies Aramark and Princess the same like a year ago. That means the beginning was pretty hard - 15-16 hours per day. But because my new boss Bill Ward had a different plan with me, I was after two weeks moved from the night shift to day one. With these hours I could keep my second job in the Princess only on weekends and in the end I worked in this company circa 200 hours in five months.

Because I worked straight with mechanics I work eleven hours per day like most of them. That mean fifty five hours per week and over times. I was lucky because this year in Aramark made too many contracts and they did not have enough work for everybody. In the end some job has everybody but most people did not have not just a overtime but they had even less than 40 hour per week. Some Polish left and went to fish processing. Some guys got to Anchorage and were told that they did not have a job. It had to be a shock to paid $2000, arrived to Alaska and to be without job.

First few weeks I still learned. Thanks to early years I was lucky. Later I was consider like a skilled and my salary war raised.

Most of the time I my duty was technical inspection of diesel buses. Each bus was check in every 90 days or after each 6 000 kilometers. Mechanicians who stay over winter repair buses and check technical condition too. Approximate list of what to check you can see on the form which I had to fill up. front page and back page of the form.

Most interesting moments in my job were trips into the park called the "Service Call". When a bus broke down in the park we had to go to repair it or at least to bring it back to the garage. To such service call we always went in couples. I usually drove service truck on the way back. Some trips took as long as six hours and you can see a lot :)

In the "shop" I was only non american. After one month came Michal, who was lucky and his job was data entry in parts department.

But not only by work you are alive...

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