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Forest Restaurant 00

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Fore Street,
ME 04101

At address Fore Street,Portland,ME 04101 you can find "The best restaurant of the year 1999 in Portland". Portland is the biggest city in Maine. They serve just dinner between 5-10pm but the meal is delicious. I work like dishwasher from 3pm to 1am. Capacity of the restaurant is 140 seats and meal costs about $16. You can try Czech beer Pilsner Urquel whitch costs $3.5 I finished every night by this beer :).

I found this job in five hours after I had arrived to the city. They paid me $7.5 plus meal during shift.

I worked here just a week because so long I had to wait for my big Journey. Because it was impossible to get a job just for a week I did not say it. So I a little bit disapointed them. I would like to say sorry here once more time...

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