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A car in the USA

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Everything here is valid only at State of Maine

Purchase of the car

All what you need is money. But if You want use the car longer than 14 days from date of purchase You have to have or to do following:

  1. Title- ( You do not need it for a car older than 1984)

  2. Driver's License
  3. Liability Insurance
  4. Registration
  5. State Inspection

Why do You need that all:

  1. Title - it is a document that the car is Yours. If You buy the car from dealer he should do everything for You and Bureau Of Motor Vehicles should send You a new title. In other case You have to send document of purchase and old "title" to Bureau of Motor Vehicles Yourself. If You want in future sell the car You need the NEW TITLE. Issue of this title can take more than month!!!
  2. Driver's License - it is not necessary to have it for driving if You have international one. But Your car has to be insured. Insurance company usually ask for driver's license of the sate of Maine. If You have just international one they ask for much more money or they refuse to insure Your car.
  3. Liability Insurance - it is necessary by the low. It is also obliged condition for registration.
  4. Registration - every car has to be registered and than it has Licence Plate with a sticker of period of valid insurance and registration.
  5. State inspection - it is valid for one year and it is marked on a Sticker, that is usually on front window. If I can recommend do not buy a car without valid sticker.

It is said you can find a car from cca $500 and travel across the States. You can buy a car directly from a owner or from a dealer. I bought Skylark Buick (1984) for $650. But other $250 I had to pay for registration, tax, driver's license,...


I tried to sell the car at N.Y. and New Jersey. Our Buick was too old (1984), it was almost impossible to sell it here. I believe that in Maine it could be possible to sell it for min. $300 . But here we had to sell it just for $75!!!!. Don't forget put off Licence Plate that you can take lake a souvenirs or you can sell it for small change back to Bureau Of Motor Vehicles.

Bilance at the end

Just a few experiences from the way.

The best information you can get at: Augusta@bmv.state.me.us

Have a nice trip...

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