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Driver´s License

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At Bureau Of Motor Vehicles You can get for free "green brochure" ( it has cca 100 pages) in which You will find basic necessary information that You need for passing driver's license examination. First of all You have to pay $10 for writting test. This test you can write at several cities usually on wednesday. For example at Augusta. You do not need make any reservation. Writting test consists from 30 questions a,b,c,d and You can have 6 mistakes. I was able to use vocabulary and I had not a time limit.

If You pass this examination you will get " Permit", and you are allowed to drive a car with another person beside You who is older 18 and who has driver's license longer that one year. For obtain license you have to pass also "Road Test". It can take more than 5 weeks when you are invited for road test. You should have your own car. This car has to pass state inspection, has to be insured, registered,... I thing that the most difficult part of road test is "Parallel parking" that I have never done before.

If You pass also this test you will pay $30 and You will get driver's license of state of Maine.

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