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Waimea Canyon

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Mark Twain called an one kilometer deep canyon "Grand Canyon of the Pacific". Wall of former volcano collapsed and allowed Waimea river to create 16 kilometers long and one kilometer wide canyon. It has taken fife millions years. Water in the canyon has a red colour. This color is made of iron, slay and lava that are contained in water.

Access to the canyon's bottom is by two trails. First start's in a little town Waimea. First several kilometers looks like a rural road. This easy trail later changed to a steep up and down path. Circa after 12 kilometers, next to a little hydroelectric power station, the road changed into a little path. As far as to this place you have to cross a Waimea river eight times. Usually that is not a problem because river does not have much water.

The second trail Kukui is only circa 4 kilometers long. But the decline is equal 660 meters. Trail head is at 12 th kilometer on the Waimea Canyon Road. This road leads along the canyon.

In the canyon is several a primitive campsites. To stay overnight is required permit. Water is only in little streams and the Waimea river and is not recommended to drink even after treatment. Along 5,6 kilometers long path called Koai'e are visible remains of ancient walls. Trails are not very used and often I felt like discover following old little paths. Sometimes I lost my way for a short time but in the end I always find the right way.

Most of the time in this canyon you are in shadows of trees. Canyon's bottom is different from bottom in the Grand Canyon. The best place to stay over night is at the end of the trail. There is several pools in a little river where you can take a bath. In two days in the canyon I met only a group of three guys.

In the canyon is allowed hunting on weekends and during special seasons.

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