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White Mountains

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White Mountains - became popular in late 19th for wealthy New Englanders. They are not so busy nowadays. Enter is free. Most trails to summit of Mt. Washington ( 6 288 ft) - the highest mountain in New Hampshire starts at Pinkham Notch. Here is also maine office of AMC (Appalachian Mountain´s Club).

At the summit was recorded the strongest find - 231 miles per hour , date: 4.12.1934. In this area died since 1870 more then 200 people because suddenly change of weather, fall off rock,...Aproximaly 300 days per year it is rain and fog here.

You can hike, drive your car or take a train to get to the summit. Summit is a very rocky and windy but you can take a rest in a warm restaurant.

Village Conwey is just a few miles to south on the road No. 16. It is the biggest complex in this area with outlets shops.

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