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At this park is the highest mountain of state Maine Mt. Katahdin (5 268 ft.). When I was on the top I felt like :" "Who never has been on the top of The Mt. Katahdin when clear weather, he never haev discovered what does it mean - Maine".

The "Appalachian Trail" starts (ends) here and you can use it to hike as far as Georgia. It's length is 2 162.2 miles.

Whole area is well-know like moose-watch are. I sew some but from a big distance. Maine declares himself like a state with bigger moose's density than Alaska. And at upper 2/3 are estimated to be 25 000 black bears.

Park was established by Governed Percival P. Baxter in 1930. It has 204 733 acres nowadays. Entries fee is $8 for a car per day, hikers and bikers have enter for free. In the park is six camps, another are in environment. Some of them has not water so I used a special tablet to clear water from a river.

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