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Na Pali Coast

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Na Pali Coast State Park - a spectacural cliffs in northwestern part ofKauai island. Most of the coast is inaccessable. Cliffs spread 24 kilometers along coast. They are as tall as 1 300 meters and reach up to three kilometers into inland. You can find here some native animals and plants.

There is one 17 kilometers long trail into the park - Kalalau Trail. This this trail was made along an original native path around 1800 nad partly rebuild in 1930. Hawaiian settled a valley and lived here since circa 13th century. On the first look an inhospitable place offers everything neccesary to live - drinking water, fertile grounds, water rich of fish. This is a place that time has barely brushed. The fluted sea cliffs, or pali, rise like sentries straight up from the green valleys and white sand beaches below. The rugged terrain appears much as it did centuries ago. The last people from this place left in 1919. You can see several archaeological excavations in the park nowadays.

On the trail are two campsites. Permits are required for camping in the park and may be obtained through the Hawaii State Parks Division. There are several detours like to Hanakoa Valley, Hanakapi'ali Valley and Kalalau Valley. The trail is not very easy but it goes up and down. The higheast place on the path is 244m. Sometimes you can take a break just by the sea.

There are several beaches but because traitoruos currents the swimming is dangerouse. Other ways to experience the Na Pali Coast are by kayak, boat or helicopter. You can rent your own or to take a guided tour.

Na Pali coast is the moset magic coast I have ever seen. Later I have seen one more such spectacural place Fiorldland in New Zealand. Unfortunately because not enough time I sew Na Pali only form overlooks in Koke'e State Park.

This tuch of aradise was disturbed only by still flying helicopters.

This beautiful island with such an incredible nature attracts directors of movie like Jurassic Park, King Kong, Raider's of the Lost Ark or musical South Pacific. To save such feeling are strict rules like that house can not to be taller than palm tree.

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