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Hot Springs

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East of Sierra Nevada in the Owen's Valley in several location close to Mono Lake, Mammoth Lake and Bishop are Hot Springs. All of them are in open country and are for free. At some of them is camping prohibit at other you can stay over night. Bring drinkable water with you because usually there is not any. Hot springs south of Bishop have campground. Just ones close to road 395 are marked. Others are not marked and their location know mostly just local people. They made several comfortable baths where you can relax.

First that I visited were directly in Hot Creek. In a few minutes I noticed like my tired body had changed. I decided to stay for night in forest that was nearby to a bath. Forest provided shadow for almost whole day in pretty hot sunny day.

Hot Spring south of Bishop is just one stream. But this stream is several times dammed and you can take a bath in one of such made pools. Further the pool is from the hot spring cooler wather is. This hot spring has the easiest access. It is just about 2km west from road #395.

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