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Black Hills

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In the sacred hills of prairie Indians is situated monument Mount Rushmore - in the rock carveded heads of four presidents of the USA: G. Washington, T. Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, A. Lincoln. Work was finished in 1941, maine sculptor Gutzon Borglum. The Heads are high cca 20m.

We took walk to the highest peak on the east from the Rocky Mountains - Harney Peak (2 414m n. m.). Black Hills - Pa Sapa - are the sacred hills. From this place , "Cave of the wind" at one time „Wakan Tanka" deflated to the prairie buffalo in order to feed and clothe. Recreation at this area is very nice and save by reason of a small appearance of danger animals.

In the State Forest Park is permit camping anywhere more that one mile from any camp, road or another object. In Rapid City is reopened museum The Journey. This museum contains geological information and information about Sioux´s indians. At small city Deadwood was shotted Wild Bill Hickock. Here is also historic casino and salon. This city looks like old western village.

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