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Mount Rushmore

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"Great Faces" of four presidents of The USA, America's Shrine to Democracy carved into the rock: G. Washington, - creator of the cabinet system, census polls and federal banking system. T. Jefferson - the primary author of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, determined the course this newly formed democratic government would take. He also secured the Louisiana Purchase adding to the Western half of our country . A. Lincoln - had the moral integrity to stand for what was right in the face of great opposition. He extended freedom to all people at the cost of a devastating civil war and many lives, yet through this he was able to keep the union of American states intact. T. Roosevelt - secured the Panama CAnal, ushering in a new era of economic growth and icreased American involvement and leadership in world affairs.

Whole project took 14 years but just 6 year were exactly works at the rock. Monument was finished at 1941. Maine sculptor Gutzon Borglum and after his death his son Lincoln. Dimensions of The head: Forehead to chin - 60 feet, width of eye - 11 feet, length of nose - 20 feet, width of month - 18 feet.

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