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This is place where Indians maine stone - "Catlinit" for their pipe head. Since 1937 it is national monument. This quarry was, for white men, discovered by George Catlin in 1836 whose name is nowadays called. G.Catlin was painter and thank him was got much information about plains indians life at that time.

Mammoths and big bisons hunters lived here already in 8th century BC. They built little villages and hunted animals into abysses around 5 000 BC. Native Americans of Dakota has been living here since 16. and 17. centuries. They were pushed here by Ojibwe (Chippewa) from northern areas. Plains offer very fertile grounds and so you can see farms everywhere.

During last two weekends in July and first in August you can visit a performance of Song of Hiawatha according to a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This performance has been run every year since 1949. Whole show is in open air theatre on a waterside of a little pond. Actors play on the stage wide 500 meters. Because lights affects play important role, the show is on after sunset. On the show take participation circa 200 actors, mostly locals citizens. The auditorium has a capacity of 3500 people.

Nearby monument's entrance is a replica of one of Minnesotans's forts. You can buy some souvenirs like t-shirts, lather, books, pipe inside a little shop.

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