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Devils Tower

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The nation┤s first national monument was so designated by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1906. Devils Tower is the core of a volcano exposed after millions of years of erosion caused principally by the Belle Fourch River and weather. Nowadays it is alluring target for alpinists. You can know it also from Spielberg┤s movie - Close Encounters of the Third Kind". "Prairie dog town" is also situated at the park.

Native American's legend says a story about origin of the mountain: Seven little girls and one boy played together. Suddenly boy changed to a big bear and sterted to hunt the girls. Girls jumped on one metre hight rock and started to pray for their lives. After a while the rock steretd to grove up and lift the girls high above the plain level. It kept growing as long as the girls did not reach a sky. After that girls stay in the sky and you can see them like a constellation of the Pleiades. Bear left mark on the rock that are still well visible.

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