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Repair of the car - we had a few breakdowns on our 1 000 miles long journey. Sometime we found a very helpful and friendly people, for example at Navajo reservation in Arizona. We lost a part of tire and we had to change a wheel.

But we met also a very unfriendly people. It was in Denver. We had problem with wiring. We let tow our car to brand garage Buick. Towing costed $60 but what was worst, just finding what was wrong costed $75. After three hours when we were waiting they told us that we had to find some place to sleep. That they did not catch even find what was wrong. Luckily other customer told us to go exactly to the boss of this garage. He really helped us. Our car was repaired in two hours and we could continue. Everything looked good but shortly we found that the car had twice bigger consumption. On one gas station we found a nice mechanic. He repaired it in a few minutes. We doubt that mechanic in garage at Denver intended destroyed our engine because we were at his boss.

At Black Hills the car started hoop. We were close to rest area so we stopped there and fitted it. We were not be target of attention too long.

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