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New England - part V

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Notice.: Time - includes a short stops for traffic lights, a map´s study ..)

Day 22.
Date 25.9.1999
Mileage 55
Time 5:30:00
Average speed 10
Total mileage 843

After a short shower I am entering state of New York. In information office I fount out that the highest mountain is about 80 miles away. I have time so I change direction from south to north-west. By noon I am entering Adirondacks. I have a little rest in beautifully Keene Valley. Traffic is getting stronger. In this area is still tourist season. Sky is pushing clouds away by sunset and Mt. Marcy is getting to be visible. Weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow.

Day 23.
Date 26.9.1999
Mileage 9
Average speed  
Total mileage 825

Whole night is my tent shower by moonlights. I think I bought a good sleeping bag. I am not cold but I am not warm too. With first sunshine I stand up. I am shock by the bike covered by iced. The tent is also cover be iced. Later I was told that it had been just 26 F.

At Indian Falls me and one guy are going down a rock in order to take picture of water falls. We are talking just a little. He is here with his girlfriend. Later I ask them to look at a map. We are talking again and suddenly the girl says: " Řekni mu, že je to jen 7 mil" I could not believe to my ears. Here so far in nor then the USA, far from for Europeans famous places, I meet Libora a Jitku from my Country. Rest of the day I spent with them.

I am a few times greeted by people who saw me on the road yesterday. I met also here a young guy Bill Burrell. After he discovered what I am doing here he invited me to visit his studio.

Day 24.
Date 27.9.1999
Mileage 88
Time 6:30:15
Average speed 13
Total mileage 940

It was a sunny day and I did my speed record - 39 miles per hour - by 7 miles long downhill to Keene Valley.I swim in Schroon Lake, but it is already very cold so I stayed just as long as necessary. By evening I reached tourists resort Lake George. Here is Fort William Henry - place where is situated novel Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper.

Day 25.
Date 28.9.1999
Mileage 40
Time 3:10:15
Average speed 13
Total mileage 980

Fort William Henry gates are openings at 10:00 and I can get in. After this tour I am travelling along bikeways that is going along road 9 (plus different letters) as far as NYC. This cyclists paths runs along Hudson River. After stop at public library at Glens Falls , kind black man working in city's park took care over my bike, I am going to visit my new friend Bill and his studio. Jitka and Libore are coming later evening.

Day 26.
Date 29.9.1999
Mileage 13
Average speed  
Total mileage 993

We are visiting all together Bill's friend Christopher Pierce. Batten Kill - river, where we drove our canoe. Bill showed us also a place used by hippies in 60th.

I am asking for a drinking water about 3 miles in front of Saratoga Springs. Lady asked me where I was from,... her father was Slovak - second generation. Night was supposed to be rainy so I stayed over night at them.

Day 27.
Date 30.9.1999
Mileage 54
Time 4:15:45
Average speed 11
Total mileage 1047

Shortly before noon I am leaving to Saratoga Springs - a small town with famous spa. This town was used by wealthy Newyorkers as recreation resorts. I continue along road No. 9 to Albany - the capital of New York State. Road is four ways but road's shoulder is marked like bikeways. It has just one fault - a few miles before Albany this wide shoulder disappears and you have to continue at the same strip like cars. I was lucky that it was 5 p.m. and all traffic was in opposite direction.

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