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New England - part VI

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Notice.: Time - includes a short stops for traffic lights, a map´s study ..)

Day 28.
Date 1.10.1999
Mileage 48
Time 4:42:23
Average speed 12
Total mileage 1 207

It is a nice day. My first stop is at Hudson. Even that I am driving in a flat valley, I am going sloe. It is a strong wind an I think that it is maybe worse then hilly area without wind.

Day 29.
Date 2.10.1999
Mileage 45
Time 3:54:44
Average speed 19
Total mileage 1252

It is again pretty windy day. I going to West Point Military Academy, but road No. 218 is closed because explosion which made a barrier on the road. I have to use different road with a heavy uphill. At least I have a great overlook of West point. I stayed here till evening and then I drove just a few miles to Bear State Park. This day I close a loop. Now I have drive just about 50 miles to NJ on the same road I took almost 4 months ago.

Day 30.
Date 3.10.1999
Mileage 77
Time 3:54:35
Average speed 19
Total mileage 1329

It is a lovely day. By noon I am entering to NJ. I am not in a hurry so I accept invitation to take a little tour through a house-museum where I asked for a drinking water. At Little Falls I spent some time in street market. About 5p.m. I am happily arrive ring to friends of mine Rosemary & Robert Steinbaum.

Final numbers:

Journey First
( NJ - ME )
( ME - NJ )
During camp
Days 7 30    
Mileage 500 1 329 437 1 766

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